ATEC’s latest addition to United Space Navy’s arsenal comes in the form of SABER Fighter Hybrid Spacecraft.


saber wireframe


This very versatile single manned spaceship is capable of vertical and horizontal propulsion thanks to its 10 Ion Vector Thrusters, giving the pilot full 360 degrees controlled flight. These high powered Ion drives have short term afterburner capability allowing the spacecraft to exit planetary orbit through conventional flight, making it a trully all purpose combat solution.

Armed with ATEC’s dual Quad Blaster Arrays, it can fire non stop fully ionized plasma bursts to its target at blinding speeds, making short work of even the strongest hull platings in a matter of seconds.




Its destructive capability is further enhanced by MiliTech’s S-Grade MLRS Launcher, coupled with DataCom’s auto targetting IFF system, able to pick and quickly demolish targets at up to 400km distance.

In addition, Saber Fighters carry a payload of 8 Zero Strike Anti-matter warheads, making them a viable threat to even capital class spaceships.


saber overview


Its major strength however is its revolutionary AEGIS energy shield, which effectively makes this spacecraft immune to all but the deadliest weapons known to man. This kinetic barrier not only protects the ship from incoming fire, but also nearly nullifies all acceleration forces impacting the ship, protecting the pilot and giving him never before seen maneuverability in the combat zone.