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Athens Games Festival 2017 Aftermath

The first business oriented Greek Game Developer festival is now over and CREAT3D Productions was once more at the heart of progress and…

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Athens Games Festival 2017

We invite you to join us in Athens Games Festival 2017 which is hosted by the General Secretariat for Media and Communications. In the two days…

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Digital Expo 2017 Aftermath

Our exhibit at Digital Expo 2017 was an overwhelming success! We got the chance to connect with our fans, make new ones, and also meet aspiring game…

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Stellar Codex Open Alpha has just started!

We are proud to announce that the Open Alpha phase of our upcoming title, Stellar Codex has just began! Anyone willing to participate can simply…

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Stellar Codex DCF 2017 Presentation

Our talk in Digital Culture Festival 2017 with subject "Artificial Intelligence and advanced level design concepts" was a huge success, and we have…

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Fitting the Universe in your palm

The outer space is massive, and the emptiness of deep space is always contrasted by the massive wonders it contains. When designing a game set in…

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