Athens Games Festival 2017 Aftermath

The first business oriented Greek Game Developer festival is now over and CREAT3D Productions was once more at the heart of progress and innovation!

We came in contact with professionals in the game development field, as well as government agents and private investors and also made a few new fans of Stellar Codex in the process!

We are proud to be part of a major move that will help solidify Game Development as a legitimate industry in Greece, and we look forward to next year’s Athens Games Festival!



Athens Games Festival 2017

We invite you to join us in Athens Games Festival 2017 which is hosted by the General Secretariat for Media and Communications.

In the two days of the event you will have the opportunity to try out our upcoming title, Stellar Codex in our booth, as well as attend a wide range of speeches and presentations from other game development professionals.

The entry is free of charge but registration is required.


Digital Expo 2017 Aftermath

Our exhibit at Digital Expo 2017 was an overwhelming success! We got the chance to connect with our fans, make new ones, and also meet aspiring game developers with quality upcoming titles! During the two day expo, we had the opportunity to showcase our game, Stellar Codex on a live presentation, and for the first time ever, publicly announce the release of the game’s gameplay trailer, as well as the launch of the Open Alpha phase of our game!

We can’t wait to see everyone again, at the next Digital Expo!


Stellar Codex hosted by GNet

Do you want to join our Open Alpha phase for Stellar Codex and your computer isn’t strong enough to run it? Are you on a trip and can’t wait to blast some space pirates off the sky? We got you covered!

If you live in Greece, you can drop by your local GNet internet cafe. Our Open Alpha demo is installed on every computer in over 20 GNet stations across the country! Join our Open Alpha now and become one of the best Saber Pilots in the galaxy!

Alternatively you can download the demo on your computer by following this link.


CREAT3D at Digital Expo 2017

CREAT3D Productions invites you to participate at Digital Expo 2017 which takes place at Peristeri Exhibition Center. From 30 / 9 to 1/10, you will have the chance to try out our upcoming title Stellar Codex, in our gaming booth, as well attend our game’s live showcase on scene, for all the upcoming features we have not yet announced!

We will be posting updates with our schedule in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!