Digital Culture Festival 2017 – Aftermath

Our experience from Digital Culture Festival 2017 was phenomenal! We got the chance to meet old fans of Stellar Codex, make new ones and get valuable feedback that we need to further improve our game!
We also had the chance to meet in person with various gaming YouTubers such as GRamers, and Zok from Sxedio B, who also had the chance to play our demo and give us valuable feedback on it. You should subscribe to their channels as they will be reviewing our game in the following weeks.
Our lecture was also very successful, reaching full attendance. After the lecture we had the chance to connect more closely with interested gamers and also other professionals in the game development industry.
Finally, a honorable mention has to be made about Chris, the youngest fan of our game that came to play it for the second consequetive year! As for his competition, there was only one person that managed to beat our demo with the highest S (Stellar) ranking.
What’s your score going to be?